This Weird Thing May Be Behind All Of These Fights We See On Social Media

Now, more than ever before, we live our lives online.

That also means sharing our thoughts and opinions online, and in a year like this one, that’s led to a lot of fierce debate. You probably instinctively know that posting something online opens you up to a lot more frustration and anger, but have you ever stopped to think why that is? It turns out, there’s actually a reason people fight more online, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of the argument. Here’s what scientists have learned.

Researchers at University of California Berkley and the University of Chicago watched people, read, listen to, or watch people making an argument. People who listened and watched were far less likely to “dehumanize” the person’s opinion.

Seeing or hearing an argument helps people feel confident that an intelligent human really thought through the issue, even if they disagree. Posts online lead to dehumanization, which may be why people seem angrier and more frustrated.


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